What to Expect

What can you expect during and after your session?
In short, you can expect to relax deeply and feel better leaving than you did arriving. 

What does a session look like?
We start with “What needs attention today?” and go from there. Perhaps you have an injury that requires spot-specific work. Or maybe you are grieving and need a gentle, full-body relaxing session. Your session may be physically intense or gentle. It can be slow or fast-paced. Maybe we use hot herbal compresses. Maybe we spend most of your appointment working out an old injury that never got the attention it needs.

Wherever you are in life, Mary Elizabeth can use Traditional Thai Bodywork to support you. 

When you are on the thick cotton mat, you can tune out the world and tune in to your self. You’ll need to wear clothes that move with you. We can work with you sitting up, lying on your stomach, lying on your back, or lying on your side. Your needs and your comfort level determine your position.

Traditional Thai Medicine is filled with options to help you:Thai Face Massage

  • stretching 
  • range of motion movements for your joints
  • cupping
  • detailed point work of soft tissue
  • broad compression of soft tissue
  • hot herbal compresses
  • balms and liniments
  • scraping

What will your session look like? The only way to know is to schedule an appointment.