Buy One Class, Get 8 Instructors

Mary Elizabeth is honored to be an affiliate instructor for The Naga Center School of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage. With seven other affiliate instructors around the globe under the guidance of Nephyr Jacobsen, we offer the highest quality education in Thai Bodywork. More than being affiliates, we are actually friends with each other. We communicate frequently; asking for guidance from each other, helping each other become better teachers. When you are a student in this lineage, you have access to all the instructors. It’s really like getting 8 instructors for 1!

Essentials of Thai Bodywork: Layers and Lines 
This five-day, 32-hour course is vital for those who are new to Thai Bodywork or experienced practitioners who seek a clearer understanding of the body as seen from the Traditional Thai Medical system. You will leave with a sequence that can be worked on practically any body. We will discuss the history and philosophy of Thai Medicine as it relates to physical bodywork. 

Whether you intend to practice professionally, or simply want some tools to ease the aches and anxieties of your friends and families, this class is for you. 

Cost: $640
Dates: Saturday, February 11 – Sunday, February 12 AND Saturday, February 18 – Sunday, February 20, 2017 
10am – 5pm each day
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Not ready to commit to a 5-day course?
Try the mini-workshop! For a much smaller investment of your time and money, you can find out if Thai Bodywork is something you want to pursue for a profession or a hobby.
Sunday, December 11
12noon – 6pm
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Is Fort Worth too far for you?  ☯ Contact Mary Elizabeth to host a workshop in your area. No destination is too far! 

Other Training Available 

Individual Instruction
          Are you an experienced practitioner who would like some direct instruction on a particular area? If I have the knowledge that you seek, I’d love to help! One-on-one instruction is the most traditional of all. Rates are $60/hour. Contact me to see if I can help you become a better practitioner. 

Group Instruction
         Are you a professional in a field other than massage therapy? Perhaps you are in personal training, Pilates instruction, yoga instruction, chiropractic, occupational therapy, or another field. You may never intend to give someone a full hour or longer Thai Bodywork session, but appreciate the stretches, compressions, or joint mobility that Thai Bodywork offers. Maybe a mini-workshop that focuses on a specific area of the body is just for you. We can put together a workshop just for your needs. Possibilities include:
Head, Neck, and Shoulder Workshop
Hips and Low Back Workshop
Hands and Feet Workshop
Contact me to discuss how Thai Bodywork can improve your existing professional practice.