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Are you losing strength or flexibility? Is your range of motion decreasing from an injury or from years of use? Are your muscles sore? Do you need some nurturing touch?
The services at Yoga Potential are designed to improve your quality of life, starting right now. What improvements will you see? Let’s discover that together. 

Services include:
  ◊   Traditional Thai Bodywork: A vast art incorporating hot herbal compresses, cupping, scraping, application of balms or poultices, stretching, abdominal massage, and more.
  ◊   Bowen Therapy: A deceptively gentle hands-on treatment that allows the body to reboot.
  ◊   a comprehensive Yoga for the Special Child therapeutic program
  ◊   an active physical practice given in Yoga Instruction.

Private sessions allow your immediate needs and concerns to be addressed directly.

Clients are seeing these results:
  ♦   release of frozen shoulder
  ♦   better sleep
  ♦   reduction of inflammation
  ♦   scar tissue reduction
  ♦   reduction in pain from arthritis, joint replacement surgery, sports injuries, back pain
  ♦   improved range of motion 

You tell me what you need, your goals, the dream you have for your body and mind. From these desires we make each session unique and choose what is best for you at that moment. I will use everything in my toolbox to guide your body and mind away from the reality of today to the dream that you have for tomorrow. Your session is a time to learn ways to improve physical health through movement and deep breathing, and to improve mental health through deep relaxation. Individual sessions allow you to take what we learn on the mat and apply it in your daily life. Whether you want to improve your posture or your mental focus, you will be given tools that support your efforts through the week. Mary Elizabeth is available Tuesday- Saturday. Contact her online or call 8178817523 to schedule your quality time.