Traditional Thai Bodywork 

30 minutes     $56
45 minutes     $83
60 minutes     $118
90 minutes     $189
Buy 5 of any block of time and save 10%
Buy 7 of any block of time and save 20%

Every Traditional Thai Bodywork session is unique, as they can encompass a wide range of techniques – hot herbal compresses, stretching, scraping, cupping, abdominal massage, spot-specific work, general relaxation work – all meant to be meet your needs in the moment. There is no cookie-cutter session. Sessions are not the same for every client; you’ll find that your own sessions can vary drastically to suit your needs. We focus on how you can get the most benefit. Every time. 

Bowen Therapy

Buy 4 get 1 free          $420
Follow up sessions     $ 75

This light-touch, pain-free therapy instructs the body to reset, re-balance, and repair itself. Many complaints can be addressed effectively with Bowen therapy, including musculo-skeletal problems, digestive issues, respiratory issues, and more. 
As with all physical therapies, the more you put into it at the onset, the faster you will notice results. This is why we encourage you to commit to your own wellness with 4 weekly visits, and a 5th free visit shortly afterwards. Once your body is retaining the benefits of the sessions, you schedule less frequently, as your schedule allows. 

Private Yoga Instruction

60 minute session     $90

Your private yoga instruction is built on three pillars: strength, balance, and flexibility. We need all three in equal measure.
How much you need to work on each pillar varies from day-to-day. The postures practiced will be attuned to your needs and abilities each time.
Private yoga instruction might be your way of recovering from an injury before resuming other fitness activities or it may be your way of life. Either way, it’s my pleasure to be your guide. 

Yoga for the Special Child

Initial evaluation (with parent)             $100
Child sessions (45-60 min)                   $ 65
Infant sessions (under 2yo, 30 min)    $55

Yoga for the Special Child, The Sonia Sumar Method® is a comprehensive program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs.

It is designed to work in partnership with physical, occupational, speech, or any other therapies your child is currently undergoing.

Please note:
My rates include the face-to-face time we will share, my 16+ years of education and my continued education in the field, my time reaching out to my teacher and fellow Naga Center affiliate instructors when I don’t have the answers. The money you spend on each appointment includes follow-up texts, emails, or phone calls; it has also been known to cover a special delivery of homemade vegan cream of mushroom soup. In short, please understand that I consider your payment a contract that I will do my best to help you feel better.

I understand that sometimes our need for hands-on therapies is greater than our ability to pay for services. For those truly in need, a sliding scale is always available. When contemplating your ability to pay, please consider your financial reality of the moment, your investment in your healing, your joy of giving, and your appreciation of the energy given to you. We all do what we can and I hold no judgment about this. Your payments allow me to keep a roof over my head and food on my family table, which means I can eat and sleep and be in good shape to continue caring for you.