Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga InstructionYou are not too old.
You are not too stiff.
You are not too weak.
You are not too busy.
You are not too big.
You are not too small.

You can make a yoga practice part of your life.

Yoga meets you where you are, accepting your limitations, whatever they may be, and asking you to be accepting of yourself as well. It is not a quick fix or a circus act. Hatha Yoga works on many levels, but always starts with where you are today.

Incorporating mindful movement and breathing into your daily life does not require you to wear certain clothing, be a certain size, or spend hours sweating and twisting into a pretzel.

If you are seeking more balance, stability, and serenity in your life, try yoga.
If you are seeking more ease of movement, flexibility, range of motion, try yoga.
If you are seeking to recover from an injury and gain strength, try yoga.

Let’s explore together what movements you need, what helps you focus, what works for you. To learn more about Private Instruction, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

“What I learn in private sessions with Mary Elizabeth I use in my own practice and in yoga classes. I am no longer injuring my knee in class because I know what modifications to make for my own body”.  Mary F.