Women’s Health Beyond Childbearing

When most people think of women’s health, they think of pregnancy. But that is certainly not the only time to pay attention to your body’s needs.

The time of month, the season of the year, and the season of our lives all have an effect on what our bodies need to be in optimal health. And a traumatic injury can happen at any time of life, requiring immediate attention.

Bowen Therapy has the incredible benefit of being appropriate for all ages. Truly. The technique is so gentle that the youngest and the oldest can benefit from this light touch that encourages the body to heal itself. 

Traditional Thai Medicine is so much more than the intense stretches that are common in Thai massage practices. Mary Elizabeth looks at your individual needs and uses all the therapies available to her to tailor your session. 

Yoga Therapy has been practiced by women of all ages for centuries. Despite the ubiquitous displays of young, fit women, it is suitable for children and for the elderly. Mary Elizabeth has spent 15 years helping women of all ages find joy in movement with yoga therapy.