The postpartum year seems to move both quickly and slowly. After the extremely depleting activity of birthing a child, the new mother may live in a blur for many months. Huge changes are happening hormonally, physically, and emotionally. It’s a challenging year for all mothers with all variety of circumstances. 

Mary Elizabeth is passionate about caring for mothers in this postpartum year. Her own experience of the first year after childbirth (both times) was one of survival only. Simply feeding herself and her babies seemed a monumental task! Her own experiences led her to deepen her studies of the pelvis and Traditional Thai Medicine. 

Bowen therapy is offered to help the body reestablish health. Common problems seen in mothers include hip alignment, pelvic floor weakness, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Of course, your body may have different aches and pains. Infants and children can also benefit from Bowen therapy. So Mary Elizabeth offers free sessions to children under age 18 months that come with their mothers. Discounted rates are available for children ages 18 months – 10 years.

Traditional Thai Medicine for the postpartum time is intended to aid in the recovery of childbirth, including warming herbs, abdominal massage, and vaginal steams. Mary Elizabeth understands how difficult it can be to schedule time for self-care with small children. If you need to bring a nursing or sleeping infant with you, we can work that out. 

Yoga Therapy after childbirth can be tailored to meet your needs. If you are looking for assistance working a yoga routine into your new life or trying to find some meditation tricks to help calm the mind, we can work together.